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3104 MIC 

As the Hip Hop culture continues to expand globally and penetrate further into the mainstream, we will continue to see more copycats and imitators of the culture.  However, we will also discover a few artists from the culture that ultimately establishes their own sound and direction, while being destined for GREATNESS.


3104 Mic is a rapper, songwriter and producer from Queens, NY.  At the fresh legal age of 21, “3104 Mic” has been honing his craft in the streets of New York City since the age of 14 and won’t quit until his legacy is defined or the culture itself stops…NEVER…. With rhymes and flow patterns reminiscent of vets twice his age, Mic’s creative flow demonstrates wisdom in crafting of lyric and song, while his sound and charisma is the foundation of his presentation.  The work ethic and dedication of 3104 Mic are keys to his character and his spiritual grounding is his persona of excellence; which he embraces and delivers daily “365”

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